The scope of REC is to prepare the equipment and software required for ITER remote experiments and verify their functions.


Herein, the overall schedule of REC is shown.



REC Technical Coordination Meetings (REC-TCMs) and REC Progress Report Meetings (REC-PRMs) are held in order to implement the REC activity based on the overall plan of REC created in 2012 by PWG through REC Preparatory Working Group Meetings (REC-PWGMs). REC-TCMs are held in order to more clearly define the essential working items and schedule, and REC-PRMs are held for specifying the functional requirements, the technical specifications and the mutual relationship of each item.

The 1st Preparatory Working Group Meeting (REC-PWGM-1) 2012/01/24 Naka-Barcelona-Cadarache
The 2nd Preparatory Working Group Meeting (REC-PWGM-2) 2012/02/09 Naka-Barcelona-Cadarache
The 3rd Preparatory Working Group Meeting (REC-PWGM-3) 2012/03/05 Rokkasho-Naka-Barcelona-Cadarache
The 4th Preparatory Working Group Meeting (REC-PWGM-4) 2012/05/18 Rokkasho-Naka-Barcelona-Cadarache
The 5th Preparatory Working Group Meeting (REC-PWGM-5) 2012/06/08-09 Barcelona (Part I)
The 5th Preparatory Working Group Meeting (REC-PWGM-5) 2012/06/11-12 Cadarache (Part II)
The 6th Preparatory Working Group Meeting (REC-PWGM-6) 2012/07/19 Rokkasho-Naka-Barcelona-Cadarache
The 7th Preparatory Working Group Meeting (REC-PWGM-7) 2012/09/07 Rokkasho-Naka-Barcelona-Cadarache
The 8th Preparatory Working Group Meeting (REC-PWGM-8) 2012/10/22 Rokkasho-Naka-Barcelona-Toki-Cadarache
The 9th Preparatory Working Group Meeting (REC-PWGM-9) 2012/11/22 Rokkasho-Naka-Barcelona-Cadarache
The 1st Technical Coordination Meeting (REC-TCM-1) 2013/04/24-26 Rokkasho-Naka
The 1st Progress Report Meeting (REC-PRM-1) 2013/06/14 Rokkasho-Naka-Barcelona
The 2nd Progress Report Meeting (REC-PRM-2) 2013/07/24 Rokkasho-Naka-Barcelona
The 3rd Progress Report Meeting (REC-PRM-3) 2013/09/05 Rokkasho-Naka-Barcelona
The 2nd Technical Coordination Meeting (REC-TCM-2) 2013/09/17-19 Barceloba-Naka
The 4th Progress Report Meeting (REC-PRM-4) 2014/01/23 Rokkasho-Naka-Barcelona
The 3rd Technical Coordination Meeting (REC-TCM-3) 2014/03/20, 24-25 Rokkasho-Naka-Barcelona-Culham
The 5th Progress Report Meeting (REC-PRM-5) 2014/05/28 Rokkasho-Naka-Barcelona
The 6th Progress Report Meeting (REC-PRM-6) 2014/09/19 Rokkasho-Naka-Barcelona
The 4th Technical Coordination Meeting (REC-TCM-4) 2014/11/06-07 Garching-Naka-Culham-Saclay
The 5th Technical Coordination Meeting (REC-TCM-5) 2015/05/25-26 Naka
The 6th Technical Coordination Meeting (REC-TCM-6) 2015/10/29-30 Culham
The 7th REC Progress Report Meeting (REC-PRM-7) 2016/1/7 Rokkasho-Naka-Barcelona-Padua-Culham
The 7th REC Technical Coordination Meeting (REC-TCM-7) 2016/4/26-27 Rokkasho-Naka- Padua-Culham-Cadarache-Saclay-Frascati
The 8th REC Technical Coordination Meeting (REC-TCM-8) 2016/11/16-17 Rokkasho-Naka-Barcelona-Padua-Culham-Cadarache-Saclay-Frascati
The 9th REC Technical Coordination Meeting (REC-TCM-9) 2017/5/29-30 Rokkasho-Naka- Padua-Culham-Cadarache-Saclay-Frascati


The overall plan of REC was created through the activities by the REC Preparatory Working Group (REC-PWG), and was finally approved at the 11th BA Steering Committee (BA SC-11) meeting in 2012. Based on the overall plan of REC, eight working items were defined clearly: Equipment in REC Room, REC Network, Fast Data Transfer Test, Remote Experimentation System of Satellite Tokamak (SA), EU tokamaks, Data Storage, Experimental Data Analysis Software of SA, and Simulator. The development of Remote Experimentation System and of Experimental Data Analysis Software of JT-60SA (SA) has been firstly started under the inter-project collaboration with Satellite Tokamak Programme (STP) with the environmental preparation of REC room. The environmental preparation of REC room (equipment and network) was completed in March 2017 and all the software packages for remote participation have been developed in 2017. By using the prepared equipment and developed software packages, various types of verification tests of the REC functions have been implemented. Especially, the fast data transfer tests between ITER and REC were successfully done under the collaboration with NII (National Institute of Informatics) and NIFS (National Institute for Fusion Science). Also, the demonstration of the remote participation with JT-60SA was successfully implemented as a part of BA SC-20 in April 2017. Moreover, the demonstration of the remote participation in WEST real experiment was successfully performed in November 2018.

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