DEMO Design

The activities on DEMO Design Coordination aim at establishing a common basis for DEMO design, including i) holding of seminars and other meetings, ii) provision and exchange of scientific and technical information, and iii) DEMO conceptual design activities.



Material development for blanket system is expected to provide a sound engineering basis for safety, reliability and realizability of blanket design, waste management and recycling, and maintenance and inspection scenarios



The Computational Simulation Centre (CSC) operates a supercomputer system called Helios. With the peak performance of 1.936 PFlop/s attained by Helios, CSC provides support for fusion scientists in EU and Japan.



Remote Experimentation Centre (REC) aims to facilitate a broad participation of scientists in ITER experiments; its activity includes the development of remote experimentation techniques for burning tokamak plasmas to be tested on existing machines, such as JT-60SA.

International Fusion Energy Research Centre

International Fusion Energy Research Centre The International Fusion Energy Research Centre (IFERC) is one of three projects in the Broader Approach (BA) Activities: IFERC, IFMIF/EVEDA and STP.