What does CSC provide?

CSC provides High Power Computer (HPC) resources to EU and JA fusion scientists. This includes time on HPCs, either dedicated, or shared with other science communities, and the provision of high level support to scientists. In addition, CSC fosters exchanges on the technical aspects of running HPC centres for fusion, and organises technical and scientific workshops. The detailed description is found here.
Below, a photo of the computer room in the CSC building. From 2012 to 2016, this room was occupied by super-computer Helios. Currently, the HPC JFRS-1 occupies the room. Half of the computer run time and resources are provided by QST to the Broader Approach simulation projects selected by IFERC. In addition, computer resources are also provided on the EU HPC Marconi, as a contribution of EUROfusion to the BA projects.