What does REC provide?

The ITER Remote Experimentation Centre REC was conceived to provide the equipment and the software necessary to allow the participation of scientists in the ITER experiments from Japan. In the last years of the first phase of BA, a remote control room was constructed, software was developed, and the whole function was tested in a full remote experiment with the WEST Tokamak in Cadarache next to the ITER location. On that occasion, a complete plasma operating session was prepared by physicists in Rokkasho, transmitted to WEST for execution, and the plasma and results were observed in real time from Rokkasho. In the second phase of BA, REC activities will continue with a collaboration with ITER, where software and applications developed by ITER for remote participation will be tested and developed in REC. In addition, REC has an active collaboration with the IFMIF/EVEDA project, to allow engineers and physicists to participate from Europe facilitate and test remote activities in the commissioning and experiments

The film below shows the WEST experiment in Cadarache, France as seen from the REC room in IFERC site in Rokkasho, Japan, on 28 Nov. 2018.